Swedish happiness

Swedish happiness

And there you are, listening to this song and falling in love with it.
I feel happy.

It´s on swedish and I understand just some words. That is the advantage when you learn norwegian… You can read danish (because understanding danish people´s talking is a challenge for norwegian as well) and you can understand some swedish.

But here I am, I can speak and read norwegian. I do dream on norwegian but I love swedish! It sounds SO beautiful!

I always have liked languages and I speak also spanish (mother tongue) and french which I learned since I was 6. I do also like how italian sounds and of course I love french but swedish hypnotizes me.

It´s so soft and it has a nice melody. If you ask why I like it. It depends on the dialect of course, cause I also have heard horrible swedish dialects, but Stockholm´s one is adorable.

Veronica Maggio is from Stockholm so she has that “nydelig”  dialect 🙂

Photo. Therese A. Sanne
Photo. Therese A. Sanne

3 thoughts on “Swedish happiness

  1. I have always liked the way swedish sounds because it seems to run like a little melody 😛
    I am a Swedish Fashion Student based in London, would be awesome if you could check out my blogg 🙂

    1. Hey Rohma! Thanks a lot for your comment 🙂
      So you´re swedish and study fashion, lucky you! And it´s funny that being swedish you do like your own accent! He he
      I´m gonna check your blog later today 🙂 I´m following you now.



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