Short weekend

It´s been a very busy weekend. I don´t know if you guys have enjoyed and relaxed but I have helped a friend with a “garage sale” and it was exhausting.

Good thing about helping your loved ones is that even if you´re tired to death, you really feel happy. I´m so glad. Really.

Now is a new week and certainly good things are gonna happen. I don´t know, just the fact that a new week is starting is good enough, don´t you think?

I´m very decided now to use my “free time” on a better way. I´d like to read more and I´m doing it. I´d like to workout more (or come back to my workouts) and I will 🙂 I promise. I´d like to share more time with my friends, and I will. I´m committed. I´m gonna do it!

I was inspired today. I´d like to write more because I love to write and I´m good on it but on spanish 😦 so, this is a nice way to do it on english. Any mistake, you know why it is… it´s not my mother tongue.

I´d like photography so I hope I can share more here. I have lots of ideas on my head but haven´t got the time to do them. Soon, be patient! Plizzzzzzzz.

Anyways! I wish you all a very nice week! Hope good things happen to all of you as well.


2 thoughts on “Short weekend


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