Pop corn addicted


Just ate a whole bag Maarud Pop Corn poppet ALONE. Hehe. I´m a pop corn addicted since I was a little girl but at that time my mother didn´t let me eat them so much.
Hapilly, when I was a young adult lady, I manage to start eating so much pop corn as possible, and some of my best friends remember visiting me and me… making them pop corn! So everytime my mom sees I´m eating them she tries to scare me saying that I should not eat so much, they stay on your stomach (the little corn pieces)… yeah, whatever mom!

Well, I haven changed. I do make dinners to my friends now but I still can eat a lot of pop corn. Movies always HAVE TO HAVE pop corn and if the movie is not that good, I can even get out and buy some more.

So, today meanwhile I was eating my 75 gr. pop corn poppet from Maarud (which taste like the ones on the movies!) I really felt like a pig! 😦 Literally!

I know pop corn is not that bad as potato chips so, there´s no too much bad conscious feeling here … well,  maybe just a little little bit? Almost nothing! 🙂 The bag contains more than 300 calories!

Come on! It´s saturday! Some pop corn is allowed, isn´t it? But the feeling of being a pig eating so excited and without stopping made me look for a video and I found a very sweet one. It´s a piglet eating its food just like me when I eat pop corn!

Oink, Oink 🙂



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