Have you heard…

The Lumineers?

This is not supposed to be a music blog but lately I have plenty of time and I can listen to some good music like on my younger years.

I feel almost like a hippie! I tried to be a hippie when I was 19, unfortunately it only last one week because I wore a pair of jeans a whole week without washing them, so you can imagine the smell. Yes, it was stinking! So, I thought: I think I cannot be a hippie. At least not those that wear the same clothes all the time 😦
Enough for me.
But my spirit was kind of hippie 🙂
This song brings me those feelings! I can almost dance, close my eyes and shout Ho! Hey! Ho! Hey! I belong to you, you belong to me, you´re my sweetheart…
Nice 😉
And the vocalist looks pretty good.



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