Biarritz and west southern France

Biarritz and the west southern France

This is Summer in France part II. The part I is long enough so I decided to continue writing another day.
So, the second house was around Bayonne area and about an hour and a half from Biarritz. We drove one day to Biarrtiz and we liked its streets, some of them. It was a sunday so most shops were closed 😦
The beach was ok but I don´t like crowed places so visiting on a sunday and on summer was maybe not a good idea. This was more like a tour day and enjoying the view, the breeze and trying some cafés and a restaurant… which is not easy when you´re trying to get vegetarian food.
Anyway, we managed our little visit to Biarritz. What it really impressed me was that stopping at a gas station I asked for a pack of tampons/sanitary towels and the lady told me they did not have, but she could call the police and they could get it from the drugstore and drive it to the gas station where I was!
This is what you call luxury service, because in my country we are used to Drugstore delivery but not a “chauffeur” from the police department! I mean, a pack of tampons bought and driven by the police? Mmmm… No thanks, I think I´m ok. It´s not that ill you know, I can wait to another store… And I left.
My husband could not believe me!


Staying at the little countryside house was relaxing and as I said before, we were very close to some cities or villages. We visited Pau which we really liked! There is a fabulous castle from Henri IV and the tour lasts about 1 hour. We visited towns like Oloron-Sainte-Marie where we payed the most expensive Coca Cola of our lives! 14 euro for a personal bottle! I think they just fooled me.

Other places were Salies-de-Béarn, Navarrenx (picture above) and Mourenx where we found the best vegetarian pizza ever. Did you know that this region´s name is Béarn from where Bearnaisse sauce comes from? I didn´t know!

Anyway, I felt we had been on a very long holiday, it felt like a month and it was just a couple of weeks. This is why I like to disconnect sometimes. I love big cities and driving through little villages but staying at the countryside or on a vineyard like in Italy is the best holiday one can have.

I enjoyed baking some bread, this time nobody set the own on “pyrolyse” so my bread was not burned 😀 and everybody liked it and since that day I cannot stop, I bake homemade bread every weekend. It´s really easy, if you have a kitchen machine 🙂

Look at these beauties! Yummi! I see the picture and I cannot believe I made them!

So, this is how we enjoyed our summer. We had more holidays at our place here in Narnia and we´ve been lucky with the weather, it rained a while but then we got very hot days and I enjoyed it a lot.

Still is summer but sometimes there is something on the air that reminds me I live in Narnia and summer doesn´t last that long 😦 that´s why so important to enjoy it as much as possible. Going out, going on walking tours, and not staying home because for that you gotta have a long, a very long winter.

Have a nice weekend everybody! 😉



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