Dusty men and more…

First, I LOVE french.

Second, I LOVE this song.

It reminds me my last summer holidays, my family, we all driving through some of the most beautiful landscapes I´ve ever seen and listening to this veeeery loud. Everybody singing.

And the song has some french lyrics as well. PERFECT!

But now,  I´m listening it with this:

AKG 701
AKG 701

Which are not mine but my husband´s. A christmas present for some years ago.

And now,  I´m smiling meanwhile I imagine having these at my ears:

B&O H6
B&O H6

Which I´m planning to buy tomorrow since their store is already closed now 😦

I´m really looking forward!!!

Beoplay H6
Beoplay H6

I´m dancing, moving my head, got the rhythm! Can you feel it? This song is so fucking cool!

So when I´m almost falling asleep reading at the buss on my way back from work, then I can listen to some music instead!

Bang & Olufsen H6
Bang & Olufsen H6

Moi j’avais mon style, toi t’avais ton style Existe-t-il un autre style ?
Poussière tous les deux
Poussière tous les deux
Poussière tous les deux
Poussière tous les deux
(Dusty, dusty)
Existe-t-il un autre style ?
We are the dusty men
Nous sommes les dusty men
Like an old time, like an old time like an old time song
Hou hou hou



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