Remember your seat belt

Everytime I watch this spot or its road publicity I think I should share it with my family and friends.
Even if I know all of you use seat belt, sometimes just a second can make a difference. Not a nice one, indeed.

So here it is, this amazing video that unfortunately show you what can (at least) happen to us, if you´re lucky and don´t die. Just remind it.

But what it shocks me more is the pictures of this campaign showing a beloved family member holding a person as a seat belt… then you can be with them, they´re not gonna miss you, you´re not gonna die.

husk bilbelte

But what if… yeah, if you don´t use it or forgot it!

It just breaks my heart imagining how much my beloved ones could suffer.


So, as we say in norwegian: Husk bilbelte!



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