Karpe Diem… damn good!

Just by coincidence I´ve been listening again to Karpe Diem (a very well famous norwegian rap band) which I like and respect a lot. They are just genius! Really. Amazing guys.

Unfortunately there is not yet a video of my favorite song from their last cd Kors på halsen, Ti kniver i hjertet, Mor og Far i døden so I found this one which I also like.

In fact I want to get the sweater from this cd, is the one you see on the video, when there is a girl on the middle with a very special sweater. I don´t know why I like it, maybe more because of its meaning.

Karpe Diem is a band with a muslim and a christian, both born on Norway but from foreign parents. And for me, at least, it symbolizes a world of tolerance and respect for every culture and religion. Besides, they are really cool!

Anyway I hope some other day they make a video of Her, meanwhile you can check them both on Påfugl (Peafowl) and Tusen Tegninger (Thousand drawings/symbols) which I really, really, reaaaaally like.



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