Baby Shower

Baby Shower

My dear friend “Audrey Hepburn” (nickname I gave her) is having her baby soon. So a friend and I arranged her baby shower.
I´m gonna post more pictures later during this week but I wanted to give you a snapshot.
First picture (to the left) is the baby´s present. I bought it in one of my favorites boutiques: Noa Noa. They have Noa Noa Miniature so I found a very nice little summer dress for her little girl. Isn´t it cute? How they wrapped it and the bag?
Second picture (on the middle): part of the gifts we made for the winners of our baby shower games.
Third pictures (above): some decoration I had for the table and for the games.
Fourth picture (below): you always need a good tape and nice ribbon bands!
If there is something I really like and enjoy is to wrap gifts. Really! I think part of opening a present is to enjoy how nice it looks, it makes it more exciting.
Ok, this was just a little collage! More pictures later this week!


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