Krok og Krinkel Bokcafè


I know there is probably lots of people whom may know about this place, but we have been visiting it for maybe just a couple of  months.

At first, from the outside, it looks very interesting and attractive if you´re looking for a special place that is not like all the other cafés, but once you get in… ABRACADABRA!

It´s a dream place! Every single girl has probably dreamed about a place like this… even my husband likes it a lot. And you know what? They have the best cinnamon rolls EVER!

We were so lucky that we had to wait 8 minutes to get cinnamon rolls right out of the oven. Eight worthy minutes. They were smooth and with the perfect amount of butter, cinnamon and sugar. Believe me, I like to try cinnamon rolls and croissants, so I have my “best ones” list and now has Krok og Krinkel Bokcafè the first place on “skillingsboller”, norwegian word for cinnamon rolls.


On a sunny day even when sitting inside you get a summer feeling! Sunshine warms you through the windows so it really doesn´t matter if you don´t get a place outside.



If you´re downtown you should visit it and pick up a home made cake or roll, choose a cappuccino or a thai café maybe and enjoy, enjoy the place so much you can! I´m looking forward to my next stop!



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