“Run! … it´s now or never” or memories from a glorious scandinavian summer rock n´roll night

IMG_2604 IMG_2605

I´m on my way to Bon Jovi´s concert. Driving and thinking where to park. As soon as I arrived the decided parking lot, my best friend calls me and tells me: you really have to harry up! They´re closing the VIP door at 6 o´clock. Harry up!

It´s 5.57! yeah, whatever. I mean, how are they gonna close the entrance so fucking early?

Well, a couple of minutes later she calls me again asking me where the hell am I and tells me I really have to run cause they´re gonna close now.

What?!!!! Whatever… I ran. Wearing a raincoat! Who runs with a raincoat?! Meanwhile my thoughts were telling me: what a hell are you doing? running for Bon Jovi? you´re not even a big fan, you were just going to his concert for fun and look at you now! running!!! like a crazy, avoiding people going on a procession to the concert place… jumping into the road almost avoiding cars and busses, running, running…come on, I can do it!

Yeah, of course when I arrived they were there… standing! waiting for me and the doors haven´t opened yet! Not even the fun club was slept in yet! And I was sweat and cold, I had ran so fucking fast that I was almost upset… but they, they told me something funny… that I was like the “girl” on It´s my life´s video… which I could not remember… so now after checking it on the net, I realized is a guy the one running but the feeling was really like that… me, running, calling them, telling them to wait for me, inventing something they could say the security guy like: my friend is pregnant, she cannot run! but she´s coming soon! let her go in!!!!!

Anyway, the concert was amazing, really, there´s nothing like good music from the late 80´s. Not babe. And with late 80´s music I mean the first ones and not necessary  this “It´s my life” song even if I like it . But the first ones, they really were the best.

And you know what? somebody made a video meanwhile I was running! so you can just enjoy it, check below! 😉



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