Copenhagen and fabulous food

42 Raw and raw food
View from 42Raw´s window table and my curry veggies noodles

Yes! As I have written before, I became a vegetarian-vegan and the last week I tried also raw food. What an experience! It´s amazing.
I have always liked vegetables and legumes and fruit so trying raw food is not necessary difficult to me. The thing is that maybe, you think, you don´t get enough food. The portions are quite small but believe me, I did get enough for me.

I was in Copenhagen last week and had the chance to try both vegan/vegetarian and raw food restaurants, something we really lack here @ Narnia second big city. All of them (those I´ve been) were really cosy and had good food.

I liked a lot this 42 Raw because it has a very “in” design architecture and the combination of this with good food (you can actually see the ingredients in front of you and they have their own products like chocolate, granola, etc you can bye) makes this place perfect.

42Raw Copenhagen
42Raw Copenhagen

So, if you are interested or curious and traveling through Copenhagen, you should take a tour here! The place is just in front of danish HAY, a danish design icon that you MUST visit so, after some shopping maybe you need to charge fuel? Then, try it!

42Raw Copenhagen
42Raw Copenhagen

I (actually we cause I was not alone) tried also Café N and simple RAW, also good places, all of them very cosy!



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