I haven´t told this to all my friends and family, just some of them but, it´s been a little while I became a vegetarian.

I was always curious about it but I thought I didn´t have the courage to do it, I thought I could not live without meat because I do “loved” meat. Well, now is almost 7 weeks I did make that change and I feel great!

The whole idea was my husband´s and basically is because of health reasons. None of us is sick but we want to be healthy and eat healthy food. I think we have been very good at eating healthy food the last 5 years but now is even healthier!

I can say that now, after almost 7 weeks, I do feel a change. I have more energy and I don´t feel as tired as before. I eat lots of carbs (which I used to avoid before) and probably that gives me energy, anyway, I do feel a lot better! And digestion is even better. Well, I had not digestions problems but my metabolism feels faster 🙂

Yesterday I found a very funny video about the questions vegetarian people gets sometimes. I am actually already been asked some of these and thought it was funny.

So, if you ever have wondered how is it, just try it cause it really feels good! I know I haven´t been that long but 7 weeks is not that little either. I have a very active job and I do workout and believe me: I feel great!



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