Street photography @ Paris

Paris street photography

Yes, nothing compares Paris and yes, Paris is probably the most or one of the most exciting cities on the world to do street photography.
Lots of people, wonderful places and cosy streets. This magic city is still one of my favorites.
After editing on my camera I had 150 pictures, remember? Well, and now after editing on my mac, I only chose 5 or 6 that I liked.
And still I do believe I had lot to learn. I took all this pictures before we went to an exhibition on the Cartier-Bresson Foundation and I´m quite happy with what I got.
I hope you like them!
I think my fav is the one of the angry girl walking on the street. She was about 5 meters behind her mother and for some reason she was upset with her mum. So I just shot and I got her!!! This was seconds… I happily react very fast 🙂















3 thoughts on “Street photography @ Paris

  1. Vilken Härlig blogg du har 🙂 och jag följer nu.

    Om du gillar inredning och mode kan du kolla in min blogg:)

    Ha en skön vårdag

    LOVE Maria från

    1. Hei Maria,
      Tusen takk for fine kommentar 🙂
      Jeg har sett din blogg og den er også veldig fin 🙂
      Skal følge deg 😉
      Elsket de bildene fra “Drömmar om ö-liv och sekelskifte”, jeg og liker sånne type hus:)


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