More about Paris

I know, I have been lazy! Actually I have been very busy and haven´t got enough time to write here. Next week seems to be as busy as this one, so who knows if I´m gonna be able to write more posts, upload some of my pictures in Paris, take pictures, and a long etc etc etc.

But today was a very nice day! It started very early (at least for me that loves to sleep a lot) with a photo tour at the botanic garden just beside my house. I met to friends and we took pictures. The weather was just perfect!

I can upload some of the pictures later because now I´m supposed to write about a very interesting visit we did in Paris: Musée des Arts et Métiers.


Have you heard about it? Maybe? I don´t remember if I did but we visited it this time and it was impressive.

                                                      Old clocks

Yes, lots of old clocks. There was maybe a pair that had 10 hours! They used to measure the days on 10 hours and each hour had 100 seconds but, it did not last too much and they soon came back tol the “old” system, the one we use now.

                            Have you ever used one of those? I did!

Do you remember “floppy disk”? I did! In spanish we called it “disquette” just like in french. To find this “technology” made me really feel OLD!



There was also its predecessor! And if you used this one, then you´re probably getting very old. He he. I´m kidding! Cause I did used them also 😦



But an iPod! then I got a shock. Yeah, ok. This museum really gets everything related with technology and  they also show what is used nowadays. Which is good of course, but kind of shocking because we all know how iPod has changed and it only proves how fast this development goes.

                                                 Guess what I am?

18Mo hard drive! I still have problems to understand how this little things work. My husband explained me many times but … I don´t get it. Sorry.




These two pictures show the first computers. I remember having my first computer class when I was at high school and reading about this, probably IBM machines that took lots of place. At that time, we had computers with black screen and green/white letters and they look cool.

Happilly they are not anymore that big and we have laptops or macs that really make our lives easier.

                                                       AIBO Mind 3

Yes, I like dogs and I have one adorable pug at my parents. It was easier that way. She wouldn´ t survive such a long trip to the north pole on a plane. So she stayed with my parents. And I love her, and I miss her and I wished we could have a dog BUT we travel often, we don´t have time and dogs are a family member. So, this little robot could be a solution, don´t you think? And you don´t need to take it out to pooh!

                                           Want to travel to mars?

The LAMA robot was made by russians to explore mars. Amazing!

So, could you take a tour to “des Arts et Métiers”? as french say? 



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