Working afternoon!

Working afternoon!

Yes! It´s tea time and with it I mean working. I took 150 pictures in Paris, this of course after a previous editing already on my camera; something I totally recommend if you don´t want to end up with thousand of pictures on your computer.

But now, I have to select those I really think they are good enough. I am very strict and critic with myself, sometimes too much!

Happilly I also have some nice, cute, lovely family pictures of my little niece´s baptism so it´s not only gonna be work, work, work. Every time I see her pictures, she just makes me smile!

Have a very nice afternoon and enjoy the sunny day!

ps: I totally forgot that I took this tea time pictures to show you the flowers! It´s amazing how long I have had them, since march 15th! and they still look so good. Of course I change the water, it´s the only thing I do, but I´m impressed they can last so long.



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