Getting strong

Getting strong

As some of you know, I´ve been suffering neck and back pains for a while. So after a long training break, I´m back but still carefully.

As my physiotherapist recommend me, I can train my back and shoulders but using little weight. So that´s why lately I´ve been really focused on my legs.

Smith machine and leg press machine are my favorites, most because I feel secure. I used to do barbell squat years ago but I don´t feel that confident anymore. At least not if I´m alone at the gym and today there was nobody! The whole gym was just for me.

I ran just for 10 minutes without pain! I remember when I came back I struggled even with a 3 minutes running! Happily things are improving slowly, so I´m glad for it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some pics… my purple training shoes and the weight today with leg press machine 🙂


I´m looking forward for tomorrow´s workout!




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