My Audrey Hepburn

She is one of my best friends here in Narnia, she is not a model but when I asked her if I could have a photo shooting with her, she said yes! And she is very photogenic!

my audrey hepburn

I liked so much how she looked at the pictures that I decided she was “my” Audrey Hepburn. (Location: my place. Gloves: Match. Dress: Vila Clothes)

This second picture has another style, more “naive” and I liked how relaxed she looks even if it took us a while to make it (because of trying different types of lights).


(Location: my place. Sofa: a vintage one from Sr. Bravo´s grandmother. Dress: Maria Westerlind. Book: Beatles from Lars Saabye Christensen. Pillow: Ikea.)


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