24.3 degrees

And the last piece of wood burns on the fire. I wished I was going to buy a U2 ticket instead of Jon Bon Jovi, because that´s what I´m listening now, thought is Bon Jovi ticket I´m gonna buy tomorrow.

U2 brings me more memories, specially my little sister and my best friend. Both have been @ U2 concerts, not me. Not yet. I stopped like them for a while and the reason was all those red wine songs. And I still have that tendency to delete all their updates I got on my mail. Gotta do something with it.

U2 means me my sister and me on the living room @ La Molina´s house meanwhile we were listening to music. That house, our house, where we grew up. U2 is also that tour on a bus @ Madrid when I was just 19 and she was just 18. We saw a guy and he just looked like Bono. But none of us dared to ask him: excuse me? are you Bono?

He seemed too pretentious.

So we still live with that doubt.

Then, U2 is year 2000. When their All that you can´t live behind album came out. That cover picture! Terminal 2F @ Charles de Gaulle. We loved, and still love France. Not bizarre that her, my sister´s first U2 concert was actually @ Stade de France @ Paris. What a coincidence! And that I don´t remember how many times I´ve been in Paris. I stopped counting it. Lucky us!

We were meant to live @ europe.

Oh yes, Narnia even if it sounds surrealistic is somewhere in europe!

And then is my best friend whom has been a U2 veteran fan. Her whole family is. And both she and her sister have almost touched Bono at one concert. Not me. I´m gonna maybe touch Bon Jovi, but I´m not that excited. It´s just the thing of going to a concert with my best friends here at Narnia that really makes me feel as young as that day in Madrid.

I could touch Axl Rose however, if he looked like he did when he was 28. But not now, not anymore. Only God knows how I shout like an hysteric teenager at his concerts and “el señor Bravo” gives me those looks like: what a hell is going on with you my dear? He even has given up about me getting ready for Gn´R concerts… you know, just in case I meat Axl… yeah sure.

But… is not Axl´s ticket concert I´m gonna buy tomorrow! Is Bon Jovi´s. And the cd with the best of U2 is over now and it did not have the song I really was craving for. Gotta find it on the net.

Now! it´s playing now! And the fire is off.



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