Who´s there?

I don´t know who is reading me even if I´m not as active as I promised… but thanks anyway! Whoever you are! 🙂

Lately we have been busy @ home, lots of things happened at the same time and I´ve been exhausted. Now I´m relaxed. I´ve tried to take some pictures but the weather here did not help. Finally we got some sunny days and I could get out for some photo safari. I think I´m gonna show you some fall pictures, the colors are just amazing.

What else? come on! Where is that creativity? Well, I got ideas on my head, images, lots of them but I have to find the time to make them become true! They need some production work, so it´s not that easy plus (besides) I have to find the right model, the one that dares to do these “ideas”…

No more text! No more writing! Pictures! Pictures! Inspiring pictures! Inspiring decoration! Let´s make this more visual, are you ready?



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