Busy friday!

Hey everybody! Yes! finally… friday 🙂

I decided to study the whole day @ home instead of going to school and sing, sing, sing… I think I´ve got enough of singing this semester. But… yeah there is always a “but”… I met Vero and CG downtown to pick up our marathon numbers and suddenly my whole day was gone and I just read one page 😦

Of course, meeting my friends was a lot better than reading but having exams soon… mmm, yeah, discipline where are you gone?

CG and I had some shopping for tomorrow…

I´ve been fighting off a bronchitis the last weeks and I think I´m ok now but I don´t wanna get sick again! So I thought it could be smart to run with a long sleeves shirt and I found this one, I think it was nice and not so common …

Anyways, everything is ready for tomorrow, clothes, meeting point, after running also 😉

Then when I came home, exhausted and happy to lay on the sofa, my beloved husband had not better idea than go to the local mall … whatever! let´s go! But I was not in the buying mood, not when the mall has good sales and everybody is there, I hate it. So, we decided to go to the sports stores 🙂 and we finally bought our boxing gloves and more things we needed to our training room:) yes! “One million dollar baby” soon to be! hehe.

Have a lovely friday night “folkens”!



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