And the coffee turned into a …

Baby shower! yes!

It was all planned and of course, it was a surprise. Our friend liked it a lot and we had lots of fun. But company wasn´t all, the decoration and theme were just adorable.

My friends Vero & Vicky were in charge of the decoration and all that stuff. Vicky has also a blog where we can find lots of inspiration and advice. You can read her @

Here are some pics from today!

Since our friend is waiting for a baby girl, the color had to be pink. But all this blended with the food and dessert and another decoration, gave a very sweet and relaxing atmosphere.

 Pink chrysanthemus! I don´t know if it was the real color, but I loved them!

But what I really felt for was for this “cage” with 4 small bottles. I liked it so much that I got them from Vero 🙂 

 You can see a vase with light blue drops … it´s because of the theme: rain!

The cake! Tiramizu! yummy, yummy. And … have you got cravings for some cup cakes? This is all home made!

Well, now you can understand why our friend was so happy. Of course the whole thing about we planning a secret party was the most important but when you have girlfriends that really enjoy making it even more special and not just a coffee on a boring table, well… then it´s better.


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