My first english post!

I´m gonna try to make this post in english. Actually, I created this blog to write and write and write, because I really liked to write before. But as I already have said in spanish, I don´t know what has happened with me that I just stopped writing.

What happened with Martine? I don´t know!

The thing is that I´m such a mess. I really don´t know what I really want to write about. I do like many things and I think it could be interesting to write about them. But my “writer” side is also there, somewhere there… maybe very hide.

Anyway… lately I´ve been very into interior & decoration. I guess is just a mode I´m in now. Maybe is gonna disappear … I don´t know and I don´t care. But it gives me lots of inspiration.

So, I just decided that if that´s what makes me write… then why not?!

Let´s start! I hope you enjoy it.



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